Marius Starkey

Marius Starkey was born in Sterling, Kansas. He is an American painter known for his bold colors with an emphasis on landscape and figurative paintings. Marius received a BA degree from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas and did his graduate studies at Croydon College in London, England where he received a Master’s degree. He has had numerous exhibitions in Northern California and in San Francisco, where he is living since 1989. He has exhibited his work in various cities across the country as well as abroad in places like Osaka, Japan and London, England.


It was the Impressionists that first inspired me. When I saw their original paintings in person, I reveled in their colors and saw how the artists applied their paints. I threw myself into my own paintings with a fury and explored my own ways to paint that pushed me into different realms of visions. I am as excited and thrilled today about painting as I was when I first started. When I immerse myself into the next painting, I am always surprised by the results of my own work. My inner vision propels me to constantly develop and refine my own unique style of painting. This part of my life will continue unabated until I can no longer lift a brush. I am smitten and committed to the work.


Marius Starkey
11 Dolores Street #15
San Francisco CA  94103

phone: +1-(415) 621 8242
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