I have seen directly what art and creativity can do for a student.  Often the students I teach have never had art lessons so their first introduction to art is discovery in visual wonderment and awe.  Combining different art techniques such as; color mixing, textures, and line drawing helps students understand their way of seeing is unique and that everyone sees the world differently.

Learning visually also changes how a person sees his/her environment and how he/she relates to it. When a student does a drawing using perspective he/she learns proportions, distance, and form.  Furthermore, as a student paints he/she is engaging a different part of the brain, enhancing visual acuity, hand eye motor functions, and complementing other skills by broadening a total visual awareness. This transformation makes a significant impact on the student’s life by changing the way the student perceives the world. I have witnessed this change many times and it is the main reason why I teach. I became an artist because I embraced my own creative transformation at a young age.  Now I want to share this creative spark with everyone with whom I come in contact with.